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Options And Considerations For A Fee-Based Financial Plan

At The Time To Plan Is Now, we approach every client with a blank slate. No preconceived notions of what you need because of what you look like, your family dynamics, or how much money you have.

We also understand that everyone is different — and will need a different set of fully customized and individually-tailored strategies to help them reach their financial goals with confidence.

With all that in mind, we are proud to offer 2 levels of fee-based financial planning to meet your needs:

  1. A Basic Financial Plan The Basic plan provides an overview and top-level analysis of your current financial situation.

    1. The Basic Plan looks at your assets, liabilities, protection, savings and cash flow and provides recommendations for how/where you can improve in each of those domains, if appropriate.

    2. The Basic Plan also includes a good amount of information about special needs planning that will be helpful in thinking about how you want to plan for your loved ones, now and in the future.

    3. The Basic Plan includes two (2) 1-hour-long Zoom meetings:

      1. one meeting at the beginning of the process to gather/review data and confirm goals/objectives

      2. one meeting at the end of the process to review the completed plan, discuss findings/conclusions and answer questions about it all.

  2. A Comprehensive Financial Plan. The Comprehensive plan provides a more in-depth analysis of your entire financial world, with more time dedicated to each particular domain and more flexibility for additional education and hand-holding wherever it is wanted/needed.

    1. The Comprehensive Plan takes the Basic Plan analysis to the next level with a more granular and detailed approach to each area of your financial situation and can include other areas of planning such as estate planning, tax planning, etc. No stone is left unturned, and no area of your financial world is unaddressed. This increases efficiency, eliminates redundancy, and makes sure everything is properly coordinated.

    2. The Comprehensive Plan includes the same basic special needs planning information, but also includes additional explanation and concierge-level support in that area, as wanted/needed.

    3. The Comprehensive Plan includes an unlimited amount of meetings and consulting over a 12-month period, not just at the beginning and end of the process. So we can meet and discuss findings and recommendations from the plan at each stage, or address all kinds of issues or concerns that crop up along the way as you want/need additional advice and feedback.

Additional considerations:

  • It typically takes around 2-4 weeks to complete the Basic plan, not including time to schedule the first and last meeting. It typically takes 3-6 months to complete the Comprehensive Plan but that time frame can vary depending on the number of meetings you would want to have.

  • For both options, the quality of the final delivered plan is greatly dependent on the quality/timeliness of the information you provide as well as the quality/depth of the conversations and back-and-forth questioning during our Zoom meetings and correspondence.

  • Both options can provide you with the further education you seek, a thorough analysis of your current situation, and an actionable road map to get you even more financially organized now and to address all of your concerns and goals in a thoughtful, proactive, and integrated manner.

  • Both plans contain only unbiased analysis and recommendations for action steps to take and are completely impartial, containing no endorsements of any specific products or investments for you to buy, or specific people for you to work with. (Though we may make such recommendations and referrals along the way in our communications)

  • If at any point you would like our help with implementing any areas of advice/recommendation, we can discuss that separately. We do not include any time spent on implementation as part of our billable hours, as there are other compensation structures already

    built into the advice and sale of most financial products and services.

  • We can offer an hourly rate, should you have more questions or desire additional consultations after the 2 meetings included with the Basic Plan or after the 12-month period included with the Comprehensive Plan.

  • We collect 50% of all fees up-front, and the other 50% at the end when your plan is complete and ready to be delivered to you.

We look forward to serving you and helping to bring balance to your entire financial world!