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Our Workshop & Seminar Opportunities

We offer many educational opportunities for your group or organization

We love to educate people. Here are some of the many workshops and seminars we offer -- either live and in-person, or via remote online webinar. 

Special Needs Planning Workshops

Special Needs Planning Workshops

This workshop is an overview of the important and necessary steps and considerations in planning for a family where a loved one has a disability of any kind.

In examining this unique process we look at the essentials of what needs to be considered during four critical life stages:

  1. When the individual with a disability is young and parents are still working,
  2. When the individual transitions to adulthood at age 18 ( including adult services as well as adult legal and financial requirements),
  3. When the individual is an adult and the parents are retiring and aging, and
  4. When the individual is mature after the parents have passed- and what that looks like when the parents have chosen to plan or not to plan.

The intention of this workshop/webinar is to help families’ questions and further their understanding around how to effectively deal with their unique challenges in each of those life stages, and how to achieve their financial goals to provide for the current and future care for the individual with special needs.

Just imagine what value your organization will be adding to these families and professionals in providing a comfortable safe zone to learn and build confidence with these issues that lie ahead. We understand you may not be ready for this workshop/webinar at this stage, but we would like to make available to you a review of this information so you can see firsthand the what information the families would be receiving and how important it is for them

Elder Care Planning Workshops

Elder Care Planning Workshops

What Are the Most Important Care Issues that Aging Parents and their Adult Children Face? 

  • What are the concerns and questions for aging parents and their adult children
  • Why are these concerns so important to both generations-What are the implications and what can happen if proper planning is not done
  • The experiences of Covid-19 have made these concerns more timely and important than ever
  • The important role of family dynamics
  • What are the options for providing care for aging parents?
  • What are the costs of those options, and what are the pros/cons?
  • What are the important legal planning steps that can and should be taken?
  • What are the important financial planning steps that can and should be taken?
  • Who are the important players in this plan and what roles do they play?
  • How do we care for the caregivers?

More and more professionals in the workplace are finding themselves part of the “sandwich generation”- trying to plan for themselves and their own children while also needing to take on increasing amounts of care responsibilities for their own parents.

This creates a physical, emotional, and financial burden that can be disruptive to our lives if we do not address it properly and proactively.

If you are concerned about protecting assets for your parents, your children and yourself, you don’t want to miss this informative and enlightening event. In this webinar we will discuss legal and financial planning to get through these unprecedented times and BEYOND with the confidence that your family is taken care of.

Financial Wellness Workshops

Financial Wellness Workshops

Wealth Steps® is a company sponsored financial wellness program that introduces employees to essential personal finance concepts from a balance sheet perspective. It’s a learning experience that can have a powerful effect on financial decision-making so participants can achieve a higher degree of control over their lifetime earnings and overall financial picture. It’s all common sense, with an uncommon perspective.

The step-by-step approach of Wealth Steps® shows you the simple logic and order of financial decision-making that can help guide you toward a solid financial future with clarity, confidence, and stability.

Wealth Steps® is a turnkey, completely customizable program, so workshops can be tailored to benefit any group or segment of employees. Anyone who participates will be able to see their financial life in a dramatically different light, and with it, a new route to making the most of their long-term net worth.

Participants get access to a confidential, powerfully encrypted Wealth Steps website that gives them a personalized, secure way to learn by doing. Interactive tools, videos, articles and other valuable resources make it fun to learn about the impact of earnings, savings, liquidity, and debt.

Employee Benefits and Retention Strategies Workshops

Employee Benefits and Retention Strategies Workshops

We regularly present workshops and seminars for executives, key employees, and staff on a variety of topics, including:

  • Retirement Plan Set Up and Implementation
  • 401k/403b Plan Education and Options
  • Health Plans
  • Employee Benefits
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • Profit Sharing Plans
  • Executive Compensation
  • Key Person Strategies
  • Income Protection Strategies
  • Business Start Up Strategies

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