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The Most Important Step You Can Take

The Most Important Step You Can Take

August 20, 2021
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The biggest obstacle in special needs planning is simply making the time

In families where a loved one has a disability, the path to proper financial and legal planning can sometimes feel so long and complicated that many families get stuck and take few or no actions at all.

As Special Needs Planners we encourage families to begin to take small steps now. Over time, it is those small steps which can lead to greater confidence and security for the entire family in the future, including the disabled family member.

And the concerns that families have are often very common. Over the years we have found that nearly all of the families we work with ask us the following questions, regardless of the age or diagnosis of their loved one: 

  • How do we provide safety and well-being for our loved ones now and in the future?
  • What future opportunities will be available?
  • What future obstacles or challenges will we face?
  • How do we address the financial stressors of our unique family?
  • Who can we count on today and in the future to be helpful?
  • What is going to happen when we are no longer here?

We recommend that the search for answers to those questions must include working with specialists and professionals who understand these concerns and know how to address them. Many experienced Special Needs Planners have a distinctive approach and a thoughtful process to help guide families toward answering their specific questions and beginning to take those small-but-important action steps toward resolving them. 

But we also have to accept the reality that one of the biggest obstacles families face in achieving their planning goals is the lack of time. Families today are busier and more over-scheduled than ever before, especially for families where an individual has a disability. Consequently, proactive planning sometimes takes a backseat to the day-to-day challenges of school, work, therapies, doctor’s appointments, social skills groups, and other routine obligations.

Fortunately, there are more options today to address that obstacle than ever before. Video conferencing technology, being used by so many people across the country and the world, has increased the accessibility of professional advice. Now families can schedule their important planning meetings at their own convenience, at the time, and from the location that works best for them.

Yes, parents and siblings often experience anxiety and worry when thinking about the future for their family and their family member with a disability. We know from our own personal and professional experience that these are indeed stressful topics to think about. But we also know that facing them head-on can provide confidence and eliminate a lot of stress.

The Time To Plan Is Now!